Tips For Hanging Holiday Lighting: The Klaus Roofing Systems Nashville Way

As the holiday seasons are approaching, be sure to stay safe with some helpful tips on hanging all of your decors around the exterior of your home. Many of your tasks will include hiking up to your property’s roofing and ensuring that there are safety protocols set in the plan for all scenarios that could possibly take place during this task. 

One of the first major points that I would like to touch on would be the fact that your roofline is not the only layer of leveling that you have for the outside of your home. When decorating with all of your holiday fun, be sure to add many layers for the best effect, and to ensure that you, and your loved ones, are not facing tall heights for more than what’s need for effective decorations. Balance is everything even when it comes to lights and you don’t want to forget to make the cars become amazed at your whole home and not just your roof. 

Our next topic up for discussion about light hanging safety would be to get enough lights to wrap your entire space intended. You may think that eyeballing your home would be the best practice being that your family is familiar with the spacing, but the measuring is always the best to practice so that you are not only prepared but also so that there isn’t an excess of wiring hanging from and around your home. Not only is this a fire hazard, but also a hazard to your roofing system that could lead to injury and also electrical sourcing issues. 


Choosing plastic ware for your roof lighting is the best option for decorating for the holidays. We say this because attempting to nail your lights into the roof of your home could lay the opportunity for injury and also be detrimental to the roofing system currently in place. Shoot for plastic clips or some sort of plastic-based mounting for your decor as opposed to the typical nail and hammer method. Trust us, your roofing system will thank you for taking our word on this one. 


The last topic that we will cover today is just to stay as safe as possible when tackling this task. It is always best to have help during these times, but if you don’t have access to extra hands, ensure that you have a ladder with proper height adjustments and grounding your feet so that there is no room for sways or jolts during the installation. S-hooks are also great for solo missions because they allow space for corrections as you’re making your way through each line of lighting /decor. Pretty much we are saying that any Griswold-based methods are ones that you should stay far away from. 


We hope that everyone has a safe and fun start to the holiday season and know that Klaus is here for you. 


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