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Hermitage’s reliable roofing company

Your roof is your first line of defense, protecting you and your property from the elements. That’s why it’s essential to repair damages as soon as possible. Luckily, Klaus Roofing Systems Nashville is Hermitage, TN’s dependable roofing contractor, offering high-quality roof repairs and replacements. We offer the following reliable roofing services and more in Hermitage:

  • Roof replacement
  • Roof repair
  • Hail & wind damage Repair
  • Emergency roof repair
  • Roof inspection
  • And more!

Entrust Klaus Roofing Systems Nashville with your roofing needs! We are proud to serve Hermitage, TN and the surrounding areas in Davidson County. Give us a call today at 1-615-265-6385 or complete the provided form to schedule your free estimate!

High-quality roof repairs in Hermitage

Your roof bears the brunt of inclement weather, including hailstorms, blizzards, and blazing sun. Of course it faces damage every once in a while! Luckily, Klaus Roofing Systems Nashville can easily help you with any repairs you require. Our professionals will assess the damage and offer only the best solutions. Take a look at some of the damages we can repair below:

  • Wind damage
  • Tree damage
  • Hail & storm damage
  • Damaged shingles
  • Rusted or broken vent boots
  • Roof leaks
  • Improper roof ventilation
  • Emergency roof repairs

Roof replacement professionals serving Hermitage

Unfortunately, there are some damages your roof simply cannot recover from. If your roof has been severely damaged in a recent storm, or if it is just old and outdated, we can complete an efficient, comprehensive replacement for you. Our specialists understand that a roof replacement is more than an application of new shingles, which is why they reinforce the roofing system at each layer, making for a stronger and more beautiful roof in the long-term.

Completely transform your roof with Klaus Roofing Systems Nashville! Reach out to us at 1-615-265-6385 or simply click below to schedule your free roof replacement estimate in and around Hermitage, TN.

Job Stories From Hermitage, TN
Roof Vents Causing Leaking, Hermitage, TN

We received a call from a homeowner in Hermitage, Tennessee, who found our number in a local newspaper. He thought the roof had a leak. 

When our roofing specialist Dustin arrived and inspected the roof, he found more problematic spots than what the homeowner expected. Dustin thoroughly looked around and found the source of leaking - roof vents. Boots around the pipes needed to be replaced, old caulk and waterproofing paper under the shingles failed, and there were also several shingles missing around the vents.


Vent pipe is very important because it connects to the plumbing system. In this case, the flashing around the plumbing vent failed and needed to be repaired to stop water from getting in the house.


Our project manager Chuck re-caulked all the areas and retrofitted two PermaBots to protect and waterproof the vents. He installed new electric boot on front-elevation of the roof and sealed the area around heated vent with caulk, not forgetting the nail heads. Last, but not least, he removed damaged shingles, unstalled a heavy-duty waterproofing barrier called Ice & Water Shield and installed new shingles on. 


Now, the roof is solid and no areas cause leaks, which gives the homeowner peace of mind and he can focus on other house projects!


* Below you can see the new PermaBoot protecting the vent, new shingles and all properly sealed and waterproofed.

Roof Vents Causing Leaking, Hermitage, TN - Photo 1
Missing Shingles, Hermitage, TN

After a bad storm, this roof in Hermitage, TN, needed to be repaired. The storm was strong enough to blow away a row of shingles. We are really good at matching the color of new shingles with the original roof. We have many color options to offer.

Missing Shingles, Hermitage, TN - Photo 1
Roof Inspection in Hermitage, TN

Homeowners who live in Hermitage, TN, wanted a specialist to inspect their roof because they noticed some of the shingles missing after a bad storm that run through Middle Tennessee. Our roofing specialist Cameron climbed up to the roof and found some areas severely damaged. This house needed a roof replacement. The homeowners wanted to think about it, so we explained to them what we would do if they decided to put Klaus on their house.

As the first step, we always cover up the area around the house with tarps, such as windows, yard, garden, and porch. We want to make sure that the property is protected from falling debris from the roof, like old shingles, pieces of old decking, etc. Then, we would inspect all the roof decking, making sure there is no wood rot on the rafters or the plywood. Once all that is done, our roofing team would install Ice and Water Barrier 6 feet up from the eaves, and Synthetic Underlayment to the rest of the roof. This is an important step that adds extra protection layer and guarantees that if shingles above would get damages, water still wouldn’t penetrate inside of the house. Asphalt shingles, which we have in many colors, are installed on top. New ridge vents are installed for better attic ventilation. We would also replace old vents with new UV-Protected PermaBoots, and new Lomanco Vents to replace old, rusty ones. Lastly, everything would be properly flashed and sealed. If the homeowner decided to install the described Klaus roofing system, he would receive a 50-year warranty that’s transferrable to the new homeowner.

Roof Inspection in Hermitage, TN - Photo 1
Roof repair in Hermitage, TN.

Can you see those black markings on the roof in this photo? This is most likely algae growth. Our shingles have copper in them, this prevents the growth of algae. 

Roof repair in Hermitage, TN. - Photo 1
Roof repair in Hermitage, TN.

These homeowners had attempted a "do it yourself" repair. It appears that they tried adding caulk to try and keep the water from leaking in and damaging their decking. Unfortunately this did not work and the water continued to get into the attic space. This normally occurs when shingles are not properly installed. We have solutions! Our shingles are installed with extra nails. In addition to the extra nails, we also tape along the seams of all of the decking.  We have a synthetic underlayment that covers the rest of the deck. We do all of this to ensure moisture and water cannot reach the decking and begin to rot. 

Roof repair in Hermitage, TN. - Photo 1
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